Have you ever considered enemas? A practice often employed in Ayurveda, enemas can leave you feeling remarkably lighter. Here’s a closer look at Basti treatment, a powerful therapeutic method in Ayurveda.

Understanding Basti Treatment

1. Alleviating Vata
Basti, or enema therapy, is particularly effective in alleviating Vata dosha imbalances—the energy associated with movement. It is a common and highly recommended treatment for symptoms related to Vata.

 2. Year-End Recommendation
Basti treatment is often suggested towards the end of the year. As the seasons change and the year concludes, this therapy helps restore balance and prepare the body for the transition.

3. Niruha Basti – Herbal Infusions
Niruha Basti involves a combination of herbs and water. Typically administered in the morning on an empty stomach, a classic blend includes Dashamoola, known for its gentle effects on the intestines. Traditional recipes may also feature triphala, salt, and honey.

4. Anuvasana Basti – Oil-based Nourishment
Anuvasana Basti employs an oil base, providing lubrication to the intestines affected by Vata dryness. This type of Basti contributes to the development of a healthier gut. The oil used in Anuvasana Basti is often earthy and crafted with sesame oil.

Exploring Basti at Saharogya

If you find yourself intrigued by the benefits of Basti treatment, reach out to us at Saharogya. We offer the necessary equipment for this Ayurvedic therapy and can conveniently deliver it to your doorstep.

Basti treatment in Ayurveda is a holistic approach to maintaining digestive health and balance within the body. As we navigate the transitions of the year, consider incorporating this ancient therapeutic practice into your wellness routine. For personalized guidance and to explore the rejuvenating effects of Basti, connect with us at Saharogya.