Ayurvedic treatments


Ayurvedic Massage Abhyanga

We offer many ayurvedic treatments, but Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage is the base in all ayurvedic treatments. It is a massage that is done with heated herbal oils. Massage focuses on head, face, hands, stomach, legs, back and shoulders.

Abhyanga massage is a suggested part as a health routine in Ayurveda. It helps people with all ages. You don´t need to have any pains to come to massage. It has many health benefits and is a relaxing and nurturing way to take care of you.

Benefits of Abhyanga massage
  • Nurturing way to take care of the muscles and joints
  • Gives more energy
  • Relaxing and helps with better sleep
  • Boosts the metabolism and helps body to remove toxins
  • Calms the nerves

It is recommended not to eat 2 hours before the massage.

We also have an ayurvedic steam bath and if you would like to have a steam sauna after the massage, please contact us in advance.


Indian Head Massage (Champi, or Shiro Abhyanga)

Massage Shiro Abhyanga – Indian head massage is done with warm oil helps with neck – and head pain. It relieves physical and mental tension and tired eyes. Also very relaxing for tensions of the shoulder and neck area and for the people suffering of stress or anxiety. The head and hair will be oily after the treatment.

Other ayurvedic treatments

  • Kati Basti treatment for lower back pain.
  • Pinda massage with heated fresh herbal pinda bags.
  • Udvarthanam massage with dry herbal powders for weight management and cellulite treatment
  • Nasya nose and sinus treatment

If you are interested in other ayurvedic treatments, please contact us: +34 603 409 008 or elisa @saharogya.es

These other ayurvedic treatments are not available for booking online and we would like to plan the treatments individually.