Start your day with a refreshing and rejuvenating yoga on the beach! Join us in gentle hatha yoga practice where we do asanas, pranayama techniques and meditation every Wednesday at 9-10.15. The class will softly wake up your body and mind to a new day.

What are the benefits of beach yoga?

  • Creating gentle movement to the body and letting go of stagnant energy.
  • Enhancing the capacity of the lungs by practicing outdoors in the fresh air.
  • Connecting with the element of water with its healing energies.  Gazing at the sea also relaxes the mind and deepens meditation.
  • Getting plenty of vitamin D. Sunlight also build our immune system and increases blood oxygen levels.
  • Early morning (especially sunrise) is a time for rejuvenation and revitalization of the spirit.
  • Sunlight increases happiness!

We will meet on the beach opposite Helanderi 900 Italiana:

The class is suitable for all levels. Please take your own mat, water & sunscreen. It is also good to wear layers as it might be still a bit chilly in the morning.

No need to book in advance.

Prices: 5x classes 40€/ drop-in class 10€ 

 Inquiries: 613 23 54 07 / Taina

 Saharogya – Centro Ayurveda y Yoga
Calle Héroes de Baler 8