rental terms and conditions

Weekdays (between 9am-9pm):

Price per hour: 15€ + VAT
For regular/long-term rentals the hour fee is negotiable.
Half-day (morning/evening slot): 60€ +VAT
Full day: 100€ + VAT

Weekends (between 9am-9pm):
NB. Sat/Sun min. 1/2 day

Half-day (morning/evening slot): 70€ + VAT
Full day: 130€ + -VAT
Whole weekend: 240€+VAT

Rental terms and conditions:

Please read this agreement carefully: this provides for the rental terms and conditions to the customers of the studio at Saharogya Centro Ayurveda y Yoga. By booking a studio at Saharogya Centro, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to be bound by every provision hereof. 

  1. The price for studio rental is agreed according to our current price list.
  2. The rent must pay in full beforehand. For long-term rentals, we can invoice at the end of the month based on actual hours.
  3. A schedule change needs to be made 24 hours before the start of your reservation. A reservation cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the date, will be charged in full. NB! For the weekend reservations, the cancellation needs to be done a week before at the latest. If done less than that, we will charge 20% of the fee. 
  4. The Renter is committed to maintaining the studio space clean and tidy;
  5. The Renter must leave the studio space in the same condition it was found when first accessed, and must return any moved piece of equipment to its original spot.;
  6. The Renter may not take part in any action or activity that can result in damage to the studio space or its installations;
  7. The Renter must immediately notify Saharogya centro of any broken or faulty equipment that may have occurred during his/her activities. Failure to do so may result in the Renter being held liable;
  8. Boots and outside shoes cannot be worn inside the room. If your activity requires the use of shoes, please bring another pair or shoe covers;
  9. Considering the numerous activities that take place at Saharogya Centro, we cannot guarantee absolute silence in your studio during your reservation;

Last update: 19.1.2024.

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